Virtual Priesthood

the Virtual Priesthood

    The Virtual Priesthood program is an all-volunteer team effort to coordinate the work of Pagans to create a high quality Pagan web site.

    Rather than two individuals attempting to do all the work to honor all the world’s deities, individuals who feel a calling to each individual God or Goddess are invited to help maintain virtual temples on the web.

    There are two basic ways you can participate in this program.

    If you look at each deity page on the Teen Witch web site, you will see a basic “stock” format for information: the various names for the deity, relationships to other deities, candle colors, incense, animals, synopsis of major myths, holy days, links to web sites participating in the virtual priesthood, table of content style links to web sites with text and pictures about the deity, and books about the deity.

    So, the first way to participate is to send in information that helps make each deity listing useful and complete. Any interested person can participate on a casual level by sending in information, e-mail Milo.

    The second way to participate is to create your own virtual temple web site. This will be a lot more work, but potentially much more rewarding. We ask that those participating in this program include a button for returning to the corresponding deity page on Teen Witch website, but this isn’t a requirement (it just makes it easier for those use the deity page as a starting point).

    We will be adding instructional pages with step by step instructions for building a virtual temple. These instructions will assume no knowledge beyond that necessary to get to the point where you are successfully browsing the web from either Windows or Macintosh, but will cover hints and ideas that will be useful to even experienced web designers.

    The first steps are to get e-mail and web space (getting web space). Then notify Milo with the deity for which you are a virtual priest or priestess, your name (or craft name), e-mail address, and the name and URL of your web site.

    It would probably be a good idea to check back in (bookmark this page) at least once a month for the latest news, hints, and suggestions.

    Remember to e-mail Milo with updated listings of the web pages on your virtual temple.

    The following are step by step instructions on how to create your own web site. These instructions start at the very beginning, so you may want to skip to more advanced subject matter if you already know the basics.

  1. getting web space

virtual priesthood

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Anubis rogue seven  
Aten Rahotep Neferuaten
Artemis Andromeda
Bast Laurie Crossroads
Demeter Rainbow Zend Ample Pagan Information
Diana Llewelyn Raven
Isis Cassandra The Temple of Isis
Nephthys Emily  

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