February 29

fixed holy days

These holy days are on the same day every year on the solar calendar.

Leap Day:

    Leap Day: In most years divisible by 4 there is an extra day to keep the calendar in balance with the sun and the seasons.

Burning Times:

    Burning Times: Sarah Cloyce examined as a Witch at Salem, New England (Mass.), on February 29, 1692. She was Rebecca Nurse’s sister.

Burning Times:

    Burning Times: Tituba tried and held in jail as a Witch at Salem, New England (Mass), on February 29, 1692. She was the Carib Indian Slave sometimes referred to as a Negro slave.


This day on different world calendars.

Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) information

    In years with a leap day, you will need to move up all of the Kemetic calendar days by one day until you reach the end of the Kemetic year (in mid-July).

Asatru (ancient Norse) information

Month: Horning

Roman information

prid. Kal. Mart.
(pridie) eve of the Kalends of March
Month: Februa or Febrvarivs or Februarius

    The pridie Kalends is the eve of the Kalends (first day of the next month). Pridie (abbreviated prid.) is Latin for “the evening before”.

    The Roman month of February is named for a feast of purification. Romans called February the “Month of Purification”. During the festival of Lupercalia, priests would beat barren women with a goatskin thong called a februa (“means of purification”) in the belief it would make them fertile. February was originally given over the the infernal deities, making the purification feast essential as a counterbalance to all the evil that could occur in the world. February had 28 days (an even number) because of a Roman superstitious dread of even numbers. February eventually became sacred to Juno Februra, the Roman Queen Goddess.

    The earliest Roman months were lunar. According to Roman mythology, the ten month solar calendar aligned to the vernal equinox was introduced by Romulus, the founder of Rome, around 753 BCE. In Romulus’ calendar, Ferbuary did not exist.
    Numa Pompilius, the second of the seven traditional kings of Rome, added two more months, for a 12 month year. In Numa’s calendar, February was added to the end of the year (after December) and had 28 days (or 23 days with an extra five intercalary days in some years). The extra five days at the end of February were viewed as unlucky and not considered to be part of the normal year.
    In some years, an intercalary month (Mensis Intercalaris) called Mercedinus or Mercedonius or Intercalaris, was placed into February in order to bring the year into alignment. The intercalary month followed February 23rd and then after the intercalary month, February resumed with February 24th. Plutarch wrote “Numa … added an intercalary month, to follow February, consisting of twentty-two days, and called by the Romans the month Mercedinus. This amendment, however, itself, in course of time, came to need other amendments.” Some scholars claim that Intercalaris was added to the Roman calendar in 452 BCE.
    Gaius Julius Caesar, as Pontifex Maximus (supreme bridge-builder, a religious title), reorganized the calendar on the first day of 45 BCE. In Caesar’s calendar (the Julian Calendar), February was moved to after January and had 28 days, except in leap years, when it had 29 days. The extra leap day was added after February 23, rather than at the end of the month. Caesar’s calendar was calculated by Sosigenes, an Egyptian astrologer/astronomer. In 8 BCE, Augustus Caesar fixed errors by pontiffs after Julius’ death and made other minor modifications, resulting in the modern Western calendar. The modern Gregorian Calendar, named for Roman Catholic Pope Gregory the Thirteenth, was a realignment in 1582.


    Today totals 11 in modern Western numerology. See the article on two for more information.


    Today’s tarot card is Justice.

date:There is no February 29th in 2010.

date:There is no February 29th in 2009.

holy days 2008

These holy days are on different day each year on the solar calendar.

Leap Day:

    Leap Day: There is an international Leap Day in 2008.

lunar information 2008

Fourth Quarter in Sagittarius:

    Fourth (Last) Quarter: The moon is in the fourth (4th) quarter (waning crescent) in Sagittarius.

astrological information 2008

         Moon Sextile Mercury: The Moon is sextile Mercury at 4:05 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

         Moon Sextile Venus: The Moon is sextile Venus at 6:48 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

         Moon Square Uranus: The Moon is square Uranus at 2:01 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

         Moon Sextile Neptune: The Moon is sextile Neptune at 10:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

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