Cranberries are a fruit.

botanical information:

    Botanical name: Primarily Vaccinium macrocarpon, but also Vaccinium erythrocarpum, Vaccinium microcarpum, and Vaccinium oxycoccos
    Obsolete botanical names:
        Oxycoccos erythrocarpus = Vaccinium erythrocarpum
        Oxycoccos macrocarpus = Vaccinium macrocarpon
        Oxycoccos microcarpus = Vaccinium microcarpum
        Oxycoccos palustris = Vaccinium oxycoccos

    Common name: cranberry
         Vaccinium erythrocarpum: southern mountain cranberry
         Oxycoccos macrocarpus: American cranberry, bearberry, large cranberry
         Vaccinium microcarpum: small cranberry
        Vaccinium oxycoccos: common cranberry, northern cranberry
    Canadian name: cranberry, mossberry
    English name: fenberry (named for fens or marshes)
    native American name: sassamanash

    Use the botanical name when ordering seeds (bulbs, etc.) or when looking up information in the library. Common names vary by nation, culture, and region, and sometimes the same common name is applied to different plants.

    The word cranberry originally started as crane berry, because early European settlers to North America thought the flower and associated parts looked similar to the head and neck of a crane.

    Family: Ericaceae (heath or heather family)

    Kind: Evergreen Dwarf Shrub or Trailing Vines.

    Habitat: acidic bogs in Northern hemisphere

    Height: 5 to 20 centimeters tall
    Spread: up to 2 meters long
    Leaf: small evergreen leaf
    Pollination: honey bees
    Flower: dark pink with reflexed petals
    Fruit: cranberry; starts as small white berry, but grows to a dark red berry that is larger than the leaves
    Fruiting Time: late September to early October


    Origin: Northern hemisphere, including northern North America, northern Europe, and northern Asia

    Wisconsin produces more cranberries than any other U.S. state.

part used:

    Part Used: Berry.

Information courtesy of Mountain Rose Herbs

nutritional information:

    Cranberries have moderate levels of Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and manganese (an essential mineral), as well as other essential micronutrients.

    Cranberry juice helps prevent urinary problems, especially bacterial infections.

    Cranberries are a source of polyphenol antioxidants, beneficial to the cardiovascular system and immune system and having anti-cancer properties.

nutritional value per 100 grams (raw cranberries):

    The Goddess Diet Plan recommends at least one serving of cranberries per month, taking in account the season and local availability.

    Cranberries should not be used often unless you need a strong diaretic.

    According to Ayurveda, cranberries may be eaten occassionally during a diet reducing Vata, especially in the fall.

    See the Goddess Diet Plan regarding cranberry juice and cranberries.

cranberry juice

    The Goddess Diet Plan calls for reducing or eliminating cranberry juice from your diet, with two important exceptions.

    If you have bladder or urinary tract problems, cranberry juice can be very helpful.

    When switching to a new diet, including this one, cranberry juice can help the digestive system adjust. If you have digestive problems with your switch to this diet, especially near the beginning, consider drinking pure, 100%, unsweetened cranberry juice.

    The obvious question is why would an item (cranberry juice) that should be reduced from your diet be listed near the top of the “to add” items in the Goddess Diet Plan. The answer is that cranberry juice makes it easier to adjust to a new diet and cranberry juice helps a person who is obese or overweight to lose some weight. These two important benefits make cranberry juice an important part of the beginning of the Goddess Diet Plan, even though you will eventually want to cut back or even eliminate cranberry juice from your diet.

    See the Goddess Diet Plan regarding cranberry juice and cranberries.


    Fresh cranberries can be frozen for up to nine months.


    Top oatmeal with dried cranberries. Helps gum health and detoxes kidneys. Helps protect against bladder infections. 1/4 cup of dried cranberries has 92 calories, 0 grams of fat, 20 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of fiber.

magickal correspondences and uses:

    Western element (as juice): water

    Western element (as berry): fire

    Magickal uses of cranberry juice: protection

ritual uses:

    Ritual uses of cranberry juice: Sacred to Marjatta

    Ritual uses of cranberries and cranberry juice: Yule or Winter Solstice

deities associated with cranberry:

health care uses:

    Health Notice: Attempting to be an amateur doctor is potentially dangerous to your health. This web page is not professional medical advice. Nothing on this website should be considered as a substitute or replacement for professional medical advice. Persons should seek the advice of qualified health providers. Self-medication should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care. Please confirm all self-medication with your doctor or health care professional. See the article on healing for recommended healers.

external care:

    External skin care: Cranberry extract in Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Cleanser: “Lightening cleanser helps control pigmentation problem. Natural all-purpose cleanser keeps skin lighter and brighter by helping suppress melanin production. Shea butter, kojic acid, cranberry extract, and flower petal oils leave skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. Good for all skin types. Massage small amount into face. Rinse with warm washcloth.” Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Cleanser

cautions and contraindications:

    Cautions and contraindications: Safe for use during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Those with family or individual history of calcium-oxalate kidney stones should avoid long term use of cranberry supplements.


planting and growing:

    Plants in the ericaceae (heath or heather) family, such as the cranberry, are calcifuge, that is they dont like lime, and grow best in acidic soil.

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