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how to tell if a witch

CometJEH asks:

    i think i am a witch but i am not sure. how do i tell?

    Usually a person can tell they are a witch because witchcraft just feels like it fits. Again, let’s open this one up for discussion — do other teens want to share how they could know they were witches? —Milo

    Marlene: I know I am a witch because before I read about it I felt that something was missing in my life. Then when I quit for a while magic found a way back into my life.

    TJoh919072: Being a teen I feel that you know you are a witch when you have already had your dedication ceremony and/or you feel that you have integrated the Craft into most of your life. That’s all I have to say.

    spilik: i can totally tell i feel great and i know i can do spells and everything fits perfectly!

Desert Rose asks:

    What do you mean by you can just tell you are a witch??

    If a person is a Witch, he or she will know it in his or her heart. Many Witches express this as realizing that when they first found out about Witchcraft that it felt like “coming home” to a place they were always meant to be. They just had to find it and then they recognized it.


Natural Witches

Tamara asks:

    Hey i wanna become a witch. I watch alot of movies and i always thought, “what if that stuff is real.” I want to study these things they fasinate me, but how can i become a witch? Do i need to be from a witch backround?

many teens asked:

    What is a natural witch?

    A natural Witch is someone who has a natural Witch talent. If you are a natural Witch, your natural Witch talent will become obvious. Usually this happens fairly early in life, but it can be delayed until late in life.

    The most common natural Witch talent is having dreams that foretell the future. Another common natural Witch talent is being naturally accurate with runes, tarot, or other divination.

    Anybody can become a Witch, but you have to be born with a Witch talent to be a natural Witch.

    If you have a natural Witch talent, learning about Witchcraft and magick will help you learn how to control your natural Witch talent.


Warlockguy asks:

    I read your section on natural witches, and i’m not sure if i’m one. You see, for about a year now, since i started getting into magic, i'’ve been dreaming things that actually happen. Not big things, but little things, like the other day, i dreampt a conversation my friend and i would have word for word, and 3 days later, we had that conversation exactly as i’d dreampt it. That’s been happeneing a lot lately. I feel like my whole life is a constant de-ja-vour of my dreams. Is this a sign that i'm a natural witch, or just coincidence?

    There is no way that we can tell if someone is a natural Witch through e-mail, but precognitive dreams are the most common natural Witch talent.


male witches

Warlockguy asks:

    Seeing as i’m a guy, what should i call myself. A male witch, a wizard, a sorcerer? It’s a bit of a gray area for me. Thank you so much for your help. I’d really appreciate your advice on this, and i thank you for putting up such a helpful website. Blessed be.

    Traditionally, witches are women, but there have always been a small number of male witches. In modern times it is much more common for males to become witches.

    Males who practice magick and/or Witchcraft are called by many different names,including witch, shaman, sorcerer, magician, and wizard. Pick whichever seems most comfortable and right for you. Trust your heart.


    Wizard; traitor. From Old English wær covenant + -loga one who denies (related to leogan to lie), literally meaning “oath-breaker”. This term reflects medieval Christian propaganda and does not accurately describe a male witch.

Becoming a Witch

many teens asked:

    How do I become a Witch?

    Becoming a Witch is pretty much the same as becoming a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jainist, etc. If in your heart you know it is right for you, then you make the decision to become a Witch.

    While there are some forms of Witchcraft that have specific entry requirements, most forms of Witchcraft are a personal decision. If you believe that you are a Witch, then you are a Witch.

    You can perform meditation or other ritual to help you determine if Witchcraft is right for you.

    You can also perform some kind of initiation ritual. Some Witchcraft traditions have specific initiation rituals. Other Witchcraft traditions call for the individual to create their own initiation ritual. And some Witchcraft traditions have no initiation at all.

    It is best to learn about Witchcraft from a practicing Witch, but many Witches are self-taught.

    Learning about Witchcraft can take a lifetime. There are many books out now that are designed to help beginners. The one we recommend is “Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham. A link for purchasing the book on-line is at Beginner’s Class.

    We also recommend “The Teen Spell Book” by Jamie Wood (see her comments).

    If you have an AOL account, there is a scheduled class “Wicca 101” for beginners on Tuesday nights (twice, once for the east coast and once for the west coast) and a “Beginners Chat” on Thursday nights at keyword “Pagan” (then select “The Circle” Chatroom). also has resources for beginners.


Purplegyrrlfreak asks:

    i just saw your web site from a friend and was wondering, can anyone become a witch? and if so how can i?

    Anyone can become a Witch.


becoming a witch

Jodi asks:

    Hi my name is Jodi and I am a new witch. Sort of. I went to Salem, Massachusettes, on vacation and I bought a book. Although, I am not a witch. That book was recommended by the lady at the desk. She said that a good book for me is Teen Witch. Is it true you could tell me how to become a witch. That is what the lady told me.

    NOTE: There is no relation between, the web site, and Teen Witch, the book. To visit Silver Ravenwolf’s web site go to

    But, you can order the book on line through by clicking on the link below.

To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft; by Silver Ravenwolf; Llewellyn Publications; May 1993; ISBN 087542791X; paperback; 320 pages; $11.96

    But we’d still be happy to help you. We have a new on-line beginner’s class and we have this question answering service and we’re always adding to the information in the rest of the Teen Witch web site.


pretend witches

Cuddles5o asks:

    hi i have a question. even though i know all the truth (well, i can seperate fiction from fact) would it be ok if me and my friend just pretended to be the tv kind of witch and stuff like that? cuz it would only be a game ok thanx i appreciate it mp

    The basic rule of Wicca is “harm ye none, do as ye will” — that is, as long as you don’t hurt anyone (yourself or others), feel free to do anything you want to do.


Christian witches

many teens asked:

    Can I be Christian and a Witch at the same time?

    That is something you will have to decide for yourself.

    There are many Christian Witches right now today — and have been for as long as the Christian Church has existed.

    But the official Roman Catholic position is that Witchcraft (of any kind) is heresy — and they used to put Christian Witches to death for it.

    Some modern Wiccans honor Jesus as their male God and honor Mary (or Isis, who is also known as the Black Madonna) as their female Goddess. There are Witches that only worship the “official” Christian trinity, or just Jesus, or just the Christian God. And there are Witches that combine worship of Jesus with other Gods and/or Goddesses.

    You have to decide in your own heart what you think is right for you.…



Lkay538 asks:

    Can you be a wiccan and not worship anyone except the earth? Like not worshiping a god, goddess, or deity. Thanx for your time.

    Certainly. You can do anything you want and believe anything you want and worship in any way you want.


Lord and Lady

    The most common Wiccan view is one of a divine duality. The divine expresses itself in reality as both feminine (the Goddess) and masculine (the God). Some Wiccans view the Lord and Lady as independent beings, while other Wiccans view the Lord and Lady as representations of basic parts of the divine. Some Wiccans honor a simple “Lord and Lady”, but most find a particular God and a particular Goddess that most represent the Lord and Lady to them. The most common belief is that all of the various Gods and Goddesses are cultural representations of the same being or divine force, so the choice of which God and Goddess to honor can change over time as the individual Witch grows and changes, as well as temporary substitutions for specific rituals, spells, or holy days.

    Other Wiccans follow the beliefs of a particular ancient form of Witchcraft or ancient religion. For example, a Celtic Witch would probably use the Celtic deities, while a Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) Witch would probably use the Kemetic deities.

    Some Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Witches continue to worship the deity of their original religion.

    Some modern Wiccans honor Jesus as their male God and honor Mary (or Isis, who is also known as the Black Madonna) as their female Goddess. There are Witches that only worship the “official” Christian trinity, or just Jesus, or just the Christian God. And there are Witches that combine worship of Jesus with other Gods and/or Goddesses.

    Some view the divine as a force or energy that transcends the idea of a God or Goddess.

    Some view the Gods and Goddesses as basic forces or principles, with each one being representative of a specific fundamental part of the universe (the Greek religion, Hellenism, used this idea).

    Some view the Gods and Goddesses as “avatars” or representatives of a single divine (this is the view of Hinduism and the Kemetic religion). In the Kemetic version, the divine (called “Neter”, from which we get the English word “nature”) is so grand as to be beyond human comprehension, so the deities (called “Neteru”) are worshipped because these are simple enough for the human mind to understand. While the various Gods and Goddesses are worshipped, the believer knows that these are not the real divine, but a version or representation of the divine that a human can understand and relate to. In the Hindu version, the divine is a single “Godhead”, or combined deity, and the many deities are “avatars” or representative or portions of the divine that interact with humans and each other.

    There are other views of the divine. This is a subject that you can study on your own and then come to conclusions that you personally believe.


Finding a Deity

    Everyone needs to find their own deity in their own way.

    Most forms of Wicca call for a Lord and Lady, a God and Goddess. Most forms of Wicca allow for a Witch to substitute a God or Goddess other than the main ones for a specific ritual.

    So, how do you know which God or Goddess (or one of each) is yours?

    If you are part of a coven or other group, you can seek the assistance of your high priest or high priestess, who may have a ritual to assist your search. If you are a solitary or your group is all beginners, then you will need to conduct your own search.

    For some people, the God and/or Goddess comes to you. This can be a visit in a dream, a vision that occurs during ritual, or some other sign or message from your God and/or Goddess.

    For many people, you have to search for your God and/or Goddess. The easiest method is to start researching Gods and Goddesses from around the world. After enough research, many people encounter a God or Goddess that appeals to them. Once you find a God or Goddess that seems right, you can use meditation, divination, or other ritual to confirm the choice.

    In the meantime, it is perfectly acceptable to invoke a generic “Lord” and “Lady” that represents all of the Gods and Goddesses. You can also experiment with different Gods and Goddesses that you have read about, especially if you match up those Gods and Goddesses to rituals that are related to them.

    It is also possible that you might find more than one deity that fits you personally. It is fairly common, for example, for someone to use two different Goddesses in their ritual, balancing which one fits their needs at any given moment, or even invoking both at the same time. The pairs can be deities that are related mythologically (such as sisters or mother/daughter) or could even be two apparently unrelated deities from completely different traditions (sometimes they turn out to be more related than you first thought, for example, many people are drawn to Artemis [Greek] and Diana [Roman] or Artemis and Bast [Egyptian] and then later find out that the ancients thought that Artemis, Diana, and Bast were all the same Goddess).

    Spirit guides are a shamanic tradition, but many Witches use spirit guides. Without going into too much detail, a person finds his or her spirit guide by going on a vision quest. These are usually very involved rituals and you probably need the help of an experienced shaman to try this. Usually the spirit guide is in the form of a animal. This animal might also become your totem. In some forms of Witchcraft, once you know your God and/or Goddess, you might have an animal spirit guide provided by that God or Goddess (and the animal spirit would be an animal associated with that deity, for example, Bast is Goddess of cats).


Animal and Spirit Guides

    The two most common animal connections in Witchcraft are to a spirit guide and to a familiar. A spirit guide is an animal in the spirit world, while a familiar is an animal in the physical world.

    Spirit guides are a shamanic tradition, but many Witches use spirit guides. Without going into too much detail, a person finds his or her spirit guide by going on a vision quest. These are usually very involved rituals and you probably need the help of an experienced shaman to try this. Usually the spirit guide is in the form of a animal. This animal might also become your totem. In some forms of Witchcraft, once you know your God and/or Goddess, you might have an animal spirit guide provided by that God or Goddess (and the animal spirit would be an animal associated with that deity, for example, Bast is Goddess of cats).

    A familiar is an animal with whom a Witch or shaman has a spiritual, psychic, or magickal connection. The connection with a familar is different than the connection with a pet (although a person can obviously have both connections with the same animal). A familiar assists your magick work. The most common kind of familiar is a cat and the most common way that cats participate in magick is by being psychic guardians when you perform your circle.


after life


    i just have one quick qestion about wiccan beliefs. we all know that christians believe in heaven and so on and so forth. what do wiccans believe about life after death?

    There are a wide variety of views. Some Wiccans believe in the equivalent of a heaven (often some version from an ancient pagan religion). Some Wiccans believe in reincarnation. Some Wiccans believe there is no after life. Some Wiccans are uncertain.


spell begging

Weed asks:

    Hi. I was just wondering if you could maybe help me with a copule of spells, do u have one that will make people tell the truth. And if u have one for people to stop hurting people? If u do can u send me them pls?

    Ok, not picking on you personally, but spell begging is considered bad form. Witches are usually very cautious about sharing spells, especially with strangers. Most witches consider themselves to be responsible for any misuse of a spell that is given away, and there are lots of ways for a spell to go wrong in inexperienced hands.

    There are two ways to learn spells:

    You can find an experienced witch who will accept you as a student and learn under that witch’s guidance.

    Or you can read books on witchcraft and learn the general principles and develop your own spells.

    I recently came across an excellent on-line Book of Shadows while looking for web sites about Diana.


no spell begging

    If you follow any of the links offered on this web site, no spell begging. Especially no love spell or curse begging.

spell book

book of shadows


    My sister and I are really stuck because we want to make our own BookOfShadows but can’t because we don’t know how? So we are asking you, how do you really make you own BOS.

Ryan Alice asks:

    Thanks for answering back to me. I am beginner because it took me along time to realize this was meant to be! But thanks to my friend Katheren Otto, I’m able to ask her thing about her aunt who is a witch and hopefully soon I can meet her. Also I need to know where I can get a valuable Spell book? Thanks again.

ArMaGeDdOnChILd6 asks:

    hey i will like to have my own book of shadows email for any info

    Wicca and many other modern forms of witchcraft call a spell book a “Book of Shadows”. And you don’t go out and get one. Each witch makes his or her own Book of Shadows. And a Book of Shadows is more than just a spell book. Your personal Book of Shadows will include notes on witchcraft, rituals, spells, poems, drawings, information about your God and Goddess, and your feelings about witchcraft, your God and Goddess, and life in general. A Book of Shadows is your personal magick diary, with notes on what rituals and magick you performed, when you performed it, what you did, what kind of results you got, any feelings you have about your magick, your life, or anything else that you feel is important to record about your experiences as a Witch. These notes help you to better understand both yourself and your magick. So, each Book of Shadows is a very personal thing for the witch that creates it. You can use any blank pages book (check stationary stores for books with both lined and unlined blank pages and many different kinds of covers) or you can learn how to make your own paper and how to bind it into a book or you can just use ordinary notebook paper and any binder of your choice. —Milo

    I recently came across an excellent on-line Book of Shadows while looking for web sites about Diana. —Milo

no spell begging

    If you follow any of the links offered on this web site, no spell begging. Especially no love spell or curse begging.

lack of money

Lauren asks:

    I just started praticing and am trying to learn as much as I can. But I don’t have a lot of money to spend on books, incense, etc. and I’m afraid to ask my mom cause I’m already a vegetarian and they don’t like that either so what do I do?

    I have more than one answer for you.

    One answer is to start earning money after school to make your own purchases. Then you don’t have to ask anyone for permission to spend your own money. If you are under 16 (the age limit varies by state), you can’t work at a commercial business, but you can get a paper route, do babysitting, or mow lawns. Yeah, it’s a hassle. And cuts into your free time (babysitting on nights you’d rather go out on dates of your own or getting up way too early in the morning to deliver newspapers). But it does get you your own money and gives you some valuable experience in being dependable.

    The second answer is to look for free resources. There are a lot of web sites that discuss Wicca and other forms of witchcraft and you can learn a lot without buying any books. And although most school and small town libraries lack much information on witchcraft, you can find out a lot by being creative and looking up such related subjects as astrology and tarot.

    And the third answer is to consider alternative approaches. For centuries witches have hidden their practices from Christian witch hunters by emphasizing the feminine nature of witchcraft. Instead of calling it a meditation bath, call it a scented bath. Instead of calling it candle magic, call it romantic lighting. Instead of calling it Neter Sentra ritual, call it burning incense to make the air smell nicer. I’m not saying to lie or be dishonest — I’m saying be a little bit creative.

    As always, let’s open this discussion up. How do other teens practice witchcraft on a budget? How do other teens deal with parental disapproval?


    The Wall Street Journal and Knight Ridder Tribune Newspapers had articles about teenagers and first jobs. Some of the advice:

    Define success. Is the job for money, fun, or experience? If it’s for money, figure out how much to put in savings. If it’s for experience, what kind of work would impress an employer later?

    Take the job seriously.

    Learn a new skill. Every job has something to teach.

    Instead of simply putting nose to grindstone, workers will have to spot opportunities, quickly bone up on technical skills, network, and sell their proposals to the company’s decision-makers. They will be increasingly team-oriented and think in terms of projects, not jobs. So learning how to be a good public speaker, write a clean, concise report [hey, how about practicing by writing essays for the TeenWitch web site?], influence people, and think critically are as important as specific knowledge in areas like finance and marketing.

    Learn about the business. Someday you might use that knowledge in a new job or in setting up your own business.

    Bruce Tulgan, whose company, Rainmaker Inc. studies the work lives of Generation Xers, offers some advice likely to make parents cringe. Tomorrow’s managers must be “multifocused,” he says, able to juggle several tasks at once. Parents shouldn’t fret when they see a teen doing homework with the telephone in one hand and the remote control in the other; that’s the way he or she will work in the future.

    Get along with co-workers and customers.

    Don’t overwork. Keep a balance so you don’t collapse a month into the job.

    Leave on a good note. Give plenty of notice. Ask for letters of recommendation and select a few samples of our work for your portfolio. Give your contact information to anyone who might be able to connect you to more work later. Finally, thank your boss.


Leo and Judy asks:

    I have always been curious about where too find the supplies needed in spells, I know in some spells there are subsitutes, but I just can’t find anything! I live in Hawaii so things don’t come easily around here. I was wondering if you knew any stores or places, that I can get these supplies.

    We don’t know any particular Witchcraft stores in various places around the world. You will need to look locally for yourself. If you can’t find any Witchcraft stores, you might find some New Age stores that have some Witch books and materials.

    A lot of times you can find Witchcraft related items at regular stores.

    For example, many book stores will carry a few Witchcraft books and a few Tarot decks. Any of the large chains of book stores (and many small independent stores) will make special orders — but they may want to make a phone call to your home to let you know the order has come in.

    You can find crystals and other stones at a variety of stores.

    Many of the basic Witchcraft tools are the same as ordinary kitchen or garden items, but with magickal symbols on them. You can (for example) buy a small cast iron cauldron at a regular store and then perform your own ritual to sanctify it for magick work and put your own magick symbols on it.

    A lot of the ingredients for magick teas and bath oils and such are available at beauty and health stores.

    Shop around and use your imagination. You should be able to find most of what you need locally — at least close enough that you can make whatever changes or modifications are needed.

    We will soon have a Witchcraft kit available — watch the web site for details.


groups or covens

Stacey asks:

    My name is Stacey and I’m from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and I was wondering, do you know of any groups or occult stores where I could talk to people about being a witch? It really interests me, and I get very strong spiritual feelings about it whenever I think about it. I’ve conducted several spells before that have worked and I sometimes meditate, but I’m not sure how to get started. Do you think you could help me out?

    Most covens (or other witchcraft groups) tend to be very private and rarely invite in new members. This is because the balance of energies in performing magick is very delicate. A group will usually want to know you really well before inviting you in, so that they are certain that your energy matches the energies of the rest of the group.

    Occult stores, New Age stores, astrology stores, and witchcraft stores are a good place to meet other witches. Most witches are pretty friendly and open to reasonable questions from strangers (just don’t make the mistake of spell begging). Also, there will usually be a bunch of fliers and notices from various groups, classes, etc. Try looking for a store in your local phone book or the phone book of the nearest city.

    By the way, we invite owners of witchcraft stores to send in a brief listing (25 words or less) to be included in a guide to local stores here on Teen Witch. We just ask that you post a notice somewhere in your store letting your customers know about


Lee Baron asks:

    ok, I have been an active wiccan for 2 years now. I have searched and have found no covens in my area. I know several wiccans though and we wish to create our own. Is there any rituals my friends and I should follow in creating our own coven?

     If you belong to a specific Witchcraft tradition, then use the ritual of your Witchcraft tradition.

    If you don’t belong to a specific Witchcraft tradition, or have created your own new Witchcraft tradition, then you can prepare your own ceremony. The ceremony should include things that connect you to each other, to nature, and to the divine (whoever you view the divine). If you feel inspired, you can write your own poetry or songs for the ceremony. The important thing is to have a ceremony that fits you all individually and you all as a group.


adults helping minors

Jill asks:

    Hi milo, I came across your site while doing some research over a present “situation”. I’m a 36 year old witch practicing (someday I’ll maybe get it right! :) for about 7 years…anyhoo, a young (15) girl has approached me with several questions and obvious interest in the craft. I answered her questions straightforward as I could, but I know her parents and I don’t feel they would approve…I’m not totally ‘out there’ in my (very small) community and while I worry about this, I really want to be there for this girl, and told her that I totally take responsibility for discussing this with her and would handle my part with the parents if it came to that, (I didn’t want to tell her she can’t tell anyone…) My question…you obviously have more experience with teens than I do (although that seems to be changing…they are finding me somehow…) how do I handle the kids when they come a’knocking and asking…I know they are coming…and quite frankly, I’m nerved up about it…any insight, observations, suggestions would be so very welcomed… from you or other teens…

    Blessings to all,


    ERAL (Earth Religions Alliance League, a non-profit organization of pagan lawyers, ministers, shamans, witches, and other pagan leaders that attempts to help those with civil rights problems because of their membership in an earth based religion) recommends that adults, covens, or other Pagan groups always obtain a signed release from a minor’s parents before teaching a minor or allowing a minor to participate in any pagan ritual, ceremony, or gathering.

    That policy will keep you safe from lawsuits or arrest, but will also block out opportunities to assist young people. You will have to figure out for yourself what level of trade-off you are willing to risk. You may want to discuss the situation with your own attorney.

    This may seem like an extreme overreaction, but in many communities in the U.S. local authorities do not extend religious freedom to include non-Christian religions. Parents have successfully sued non-Christian religions for “brainwashing” their minor children (including a case against the Hari Krishnas, in which the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a $5-million award on the basis that nobody would leave Christianity and join Hari Krishna unless they were brainwashed). Some local authorities have even imprisoned Pagans for simply telling minors about their religion (a Connecticut Witch who was a school bus driver is currently serving a five year prison sentence for “child endangerment” for simply answering a few questions about Witchcraft, which the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled was a “Satanic” practice).

    The legal climate has become worse with George W. Bush’s campaign promise to restrict First Amendment freedom of religion to only mainstream versions of Christianity and Attorney General John Ashcroft’s campaign to round up, arrest (and hold without access to lawyers or notification of family members for an indefinite period without charges being brought or a right to a speedy trial), imprison (based on secret tribunals in which the defendant is denied the opportunity to even know what evidence the government has presented to the judge, no right to a lawyer, no right to a jury of one’s peers, and no right to an appeal), and even secretly execute Witches, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and others who aren’t Christian.

    Yes, the Burning Times are back./p>



Don Haney asks:

    i want to become a witch but i don’t know how. 3 of my friends want to also but do we have to start a circle? i would also like to know what is the diference between paganism and wicca.

    You do not have have a circle or coven. An informal group of friends is fine.

    Most witchcraft traditions start their ceremonies by casting a circle, but not all traditions follow this practice. See casting circles for information on how to cast your own circle.

    Wicca is a specific kind of witchcraft. Witchcraft is a specific kind of paganism.

    Originally “pagan” was used as a term of derision by city dwellers in the Roman Empire to make fun of the more superstitious version of Hellenism (the Greek religion) practiced in rural areas (from paganus, Latin for “rustic”). When the Christians took military control of the Roman Empire, they quickly stamped out non-Christian religions in the cities, but many witches, Jews, Hellenists, Gnostics, Zoarastrians, Mithraists, Hermeticists, and those of many other smaller religions fled to the mountains or to India or China. The Christians picked up the term “pagan” and applied it to all non-Christian religions. Later, Muslims (a member of the religion Islam) borrowed the word “pagan” to mean all non-Muslims. While some Christians continued to use “pagan” to mean non-Christian and some Muslims continued to use “pagan” to mean non-Muslim, the word came to mean any person who didn’t worship the “One God”, that is, everyone except for Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Another variation of “pagan” was everyone except for Christians, Muslims, Jews, and atheists. And then yet another variation also left out Buddhism, Taoism, Confucionism, and similar aesthetic Asian religions. “Pagan” could also mean anyone who wasn’t religious in a society completely dominated by either Christians or Muslims, that is, atheists, agnostics, and “wayward” members of Christianity or Islam, whichever was dominant. And in recent decades, the term “pagan” has often been used as a shorter version of “Neo-Pagan”. “Pagan” is one of those words that has lots of meanings, which can lead to confusion in conversations unless everyone is clear on which meaning they are using.



Felicia asks:

    I have been looking ever where trying to find someone to answer my questions. I was told by the High Priestess that my power lies behind the crystals. My question is where do I begin? I know that my family has a history of witches but it has been kept secret from me. I have no idea on were to go, what crystal to find or even were to turn for answers to the question that I have.

    Crystals are used in a variety of Witchcraft and Shamanic traditions in many different ways.

    The most famous use is "scrying" — looking into the crystal for divination. The most famous version is a crystal ball. A good scrying crystal ball is mostly clear, with interesting fractures (white lines) in the center. Light catches on the fractures, scattering through the crystal ball, and with practice a Witch can see images in the patterns. A good crystal ball can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on size. Because of the high cost, it is best to start on inexpensive crystals (you don’t get the high quality images of a real crystal ball, but you can still do simple scrying and learn the basics with any ordinary crystal). Usually clear quartz crystals are used for scrying.

    Crystals can also be used to focus magick energies for spells or rituals. Many Witchcraft rituals and some spells call for a crystal to help direct and focus the magickal energies. Size is not important. When selecting a crystal for magick use, hold your hand (or both hands) near each crystal and separate out the ones that “feel” right to you. This is a personal thing. What is a great crystal for your best friend probably won’t have any reaction with you and vice versa (although rarely two Witches find a crystal they can share). Once you have separated out the crystals that “feel” right, pick each up with your hands. Close your eyes and “feel” the kind of energy (not merely which is strongest, but rather which one resonates with your magickal being the most). Pick a crystal that feels “right”. If none of the crystals feel right, try another batch or wait until a new batch becomes available. It is possible that more than one will feel right or that you can feel different purposes in different crystals (such as one for healing and another for sexuality).

    If you can’t afford a crystal or crystals that “feel” right, don’t worry. If a crystal is really meant for you, it will still be there when you can afford it. If the crystal disappears, the right crystal (or crystals) will become available when you can afford it (or them).

    Clear quartz crystals are generally neutral and can be used by both men and women (and are the easiest to learn with). Usually rose quartz crystals (slightly pink in color) work best with women (although sometimes a man will find a rose quartz crystal that is right for him). Usually amethyst crystals (slightly purple to rich purple in color) work best with men (although sometimes a woman will find an amethyst that is right for her). And sometimes certain spells or rituals require the crystal of the opposite sex. Rose Quartz and amethyst are variations of quartz and can usually be used for any ritual (other than scrying) that calls for a quartz crystal (if a ritual or spell requires a clear quartz crystal, the word “clear” or “white” will be used).

    There are literally thousands of other kinds of crystals, each with its own kind of energy and own uses. Usually you can substitute a quatrz crystal for any other crystal (although the effect may be weakened). Similar color crystals can usually be substituted for each other (for example, an obsidian can usually be used as a substitute for any dark or black crystal).

    Also, crystals other than the quartz crystals usually require more skill to use, and therefore it is best for beginners to start out with the varieties of quartz crystals and move on to working with other crystals after mastering quartz.


friend’s spells

jess asks:

    is it good to use other witches spells? my friend gave me one that she made. is it harmful to use it?

    Perfectly safe. Most witches start learning by using spells provided by others. Before the patriarchal religions almost wiped out earth religions, it was common for young witches and shamans to learn magick from their elders.

    One of the signs that you have grown as a witch is that you can start to create effective spells on your own. Once you become accomplished as a witch, most of your spells will be your own personalized creations, with a handful of sentimental favorites taught to you by your fellow witches.

    There are “natural witches”, who first learn their craft naturally without outside teaching. But even natural witches progress much more quickly in witchcraft under the guidance of more experienced witches.

    We should probably arrange a mentoring program, where experienced crone witches can assist and guide teen witches. I’ll look into that.


energy shape

chris asks:

    how do you invoke the spirit or element in which it enables you to throw an energy shape in which could knock the wind out of someone or if strong enough could knock them down?

    We’ll open this question up for answers from other witches…

Michael asks:

    How do you invoke the spirit or element in which it enables you to throw an energy shape in which could knock the wind out of someone or if strong enough could knock them down?

    We’ll open this question up for answers from other witches…

    I came across energy shape on your site, and was nonplused (is that the right word? horrified seems too strong) to find they’d wish to use their gifts thusly. However, I do seem to have crude “how to’s” on energy shape in my mind. So far, only those with great control and/or natural ability (such as lineaged) seem to be able to use that kind of power.


    This kind of power reaps a fair amount of bad karma, including being cut off for a time to your abilities, emotional trauma and/or depression because of it, or even temporary nervous breakdowns. There may be others, I don’t know, but this is what I’ve experienced, personally, before I knew what was going on.

    Only times when possibly acceptable, are defense, but you must have a clear, unclouded head, and control. Even still, there’s a bit of negative feedback.

    That’s all I can give on warnings, for now, I’ve stopped using this kind of power, (I hope).

How to tips:

    Wiccans who are also Mental Martial Artists (martial artists who have been taught the mental focus as well as the physical aspects), seem to have the easiest time (though still challenging) among the general teens. They’re also the least likely to use this (again, among teens capable of this). Focusing both chi/ki and “mystickal power” creates a unified, cumulative effect. Basically, you can focus the power, the way you feel it tingle through your body, to a point in your mind/forehead, concentrate into a single ball, with a touch of primal emotion as a boosting effect, target, shape into a ray, then release. This usually happens on accident during times of great fear, anger, or other strong emotions. Attempting to do this on purpose is highly warned against.

    The energies may also be shaped in one’s mind, focused, then released, but requires great focus to maintain. As to why anyone would use their gifts thusly, is beyond sane reasoning in my mind. Then again, there are negative “arcaners” out there with actual ability, though, thankfully, they’re mainly only myth.

    Research sources: the U------D S------S OSIR c--e f---s, Cali------a r-------h on telekinetics, mental p-------- by --------- ----------

    Perhaps one of the “darker” sides of magickal ability, I guess I’m just sending this to get it off my chest, what you do with this, Milo, is up to you. Thanks for listening, I needed it.

Yong Woon Lee

elemental magick

SlamBammin21 asks:

    how do you become an element air wizard?

    Any Witch can practice elemental magick. In the European system, the four elements are earth, fire, water, and air. In the Asian system, the five elements are wood, water, fire, metal, and earth.


magick dolls

GoldenSwan asks:

    My name is GoldenSwan and I have a question. Okay, I took an created a doll that to me represented her [my friend] in my mind. I took and put a little spell on her only for her to find love if she wanted to. Is this wrong? Now, she knows about it, she thinks it is a little weird but my friend knows that I practice witchcraft and she just doesn’t want me to do anything funky to her. Which i never would because it says not to do anything bad to anyone else and i try never to do that. so. i guesss my real question is: is this wrong? I don’t know what to call the little doll a voodoo doll or an imagery doll (is that even a type of doll?) please get back to me, thanks.

    Hi GoldenSwan!

    I will answer your question first and foremost with the most important bit of wisdom there is for any creature.

    “And it harm none, do ye what ye will…”

    This is the root of the word “HARMONY”

    “Harm O’ Ny”

    “Harm of None”


    You have created a ritual which utilizes a form of earth magic that includes a tool called (among other things at different times in our culture’s history) a “POPPET”. This is akin to the word “puppet”.

    As your friend has given you her okay, I think you are in integrity… Maybe you want to get clear with her about the definition of “funky”…in other words clear communication and the honoring of boundaries is always a good idea, as you would wish for this for yourself…so always be real clear with her about what you are doing…

    blessings on your path.


magick focus

steve asks:

    i’m male and i think i am a witch and i am good at making spells and that but are there some things which i don’t like and that’s fiddling with stones and other objects i just like to say the spell and hope it works do you have any advice

    The purpose of the finding the right ingredients is usually to help put your magickal energies in line with the spell you want to perform. While it is true that a skilled person can cast a succcessful spell with no ritual or ingredients (even no words), the same person will be more effective in spell casting with the right ritual and ingredients. It helps focus your magickal energy.


steve asks:

    Hi again i know i said about not wanting to use stuff like candles and stuff like that to cast spells well there is one thing i use, i found down a river and ever since then it has granted all my spells i know it sounds wierd but it is a pure silver key on a pure silver chain and i first knew it was for me because i stupidly left it there and forgot about it and the day i left to move it was there again but i wondered why no one had found it, and that was wierd and then started to grant spells i grant spells i made and casting my spells never worked before until i got this key. Do you think it is a coincidence because i don’t know what to believe. When i lost it the other day my spell casting did not work and when i found it my spell casting worked again, for some reason i don’t think it’s me with the power but it’s the key what do u think about this?

    If it works for you, it works.


creating spells

Lacey asks:

    I have gotton really interested in witchery and I am curious about how i can create my own spells?

>BsBiZhOtT asks:

    Is there a way that you can create your own spells without using a book or anything?

    Yes. Most witches create their own spells once they start to understand how magick works in their particular tradition. Many witches believe that personally created spells are more powerful than “stock” spells. Of course, it takes study and understanding before a witch is ready to start creating his or her own spells. —Milo

    I recently came across an excellent on-line Book of Shadows while looking for web sites about Diana. —Milo

no spell begging

    If you follow any of the links offered on this web site, no spell begging. Especially no love spell or curse begging.


sara asks:

    hey i have a question,

    i’m in to witchcraft and it is me, and my 3 other friends. we are constantly being made fun of because we do it and everyone says that we are making up. we don’t even dress like gothic or anything! it really hurts my feelings because i’m always hearing about other people talking about me and my friends behind my back and i was wondering what i should do????

stressed out,


    A lot of witches keep their religion secret. But it sounds like it a bit late for you to do that.

    You will find that people will discriminate against you and persecute you for being a witch (or even just being different). In some nations of the world, the police still arrest women for being witches and witch executions (both court ordered and mob lynchings) occur at least 10,000 times a year, according to human rights organizations. Witches have been fired, denied or kicked out of housing, denied educational opportunities, faced all kinds of discrimination by both business and government officials, and even had their children taken away merely for being witches.

    It can sometimes be very difficult to be a witch. That is why so many witches keep their religion a secret and pretend to be members of the dominant religion of the area (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.).

    There are rights organizations that attempt to enforce equal rights for all humans. If you face official discrimination in the United States, a rights organization might be able to help you out (and it is worthwhile to donate time as a volunteer for rights organizations). If you are facing harassment and social exile, there really isn’t much you can do. If the harassment occurs at a school, you can try to get official help, but often school officials share the same anti-witch prejudices. You can try explaining witchcraft to those who harass you, but the kind of person who harasses another human being over religion probably is too close-minded to listen.

    This is obviously a serious problem. We’ll post your question on the Teen Witch web site and see if anyone else has suggestions on how to deal with this problem.


    I read what you mentioned to the girl Sara, that had a problem in school with harrasment. And I think that you were very thorough and for that I send my appreciation. When I was in High School I faced the same problem and It was a difficult thing to face. But in the Craft we learn inner strenghth and we know that the ignorance of others is just that. I’m 23 now and still practice but am still learning. I know now to keep my ways secret from those who may use it against me because now I have much more to loose. In High School, I learned that I lost nothing more than some feelings being hurt. After a while, when I was tired of people asking me to tell their future and tauntings about spell castings I began to make jokes back about it.… After laughing with my taunters they became bored with the idea and after some time it was dropped. Life proceeded as normal.… Kids will always be cruel. It is a defence mechanism that cannot be helped. Those who put us down do us a favor because we learn how to gain strength from the things that hurt us. Later we will know how to defend ourselves from such harrassment and not take being pushed from any one. We also learn how to only allow out things about ourselves that we want to be known. And in the future what they don’t know won’t hurt you. And it is horrible that we still must lurk in the proverbial shadows but that is the way of the world. We have and know something that they fear and they would do us harm rather than try to understand. So we must live our lives the best we can and always remember the Rede. Harm None. Including ourselves. My heart goes out to Sara because I was there not very long ago and there is a light waiting for you. Blessed Be…

—Kitt (Hawaii)

good witch

BABY5692 asks:

    how do u stay a good witch?

    A witch faces the same challenges as anyone else in society. Staying good is a matter of personal strength and inner morality. —Milo

other replies: good witch

    OlderWitch: paying attention to ethics, bearing the 3-fold law and rede in mind…

    Muunmonn: bide the wiccan law ye must in perfect love and perfect trust.

    OlderWitch: I figure if the kid keeps those things in mind, that’s a way to stay “good”…

    Muunmonn: its easy to be tempted to be a “bad” witch

    OlderWitch: Muun… yup… easy to try to use things for more selfish means…

    WitchsCat0: Muun, Yeah, I always want to do vodoo. But I know I can’t.

    Muunmonn: for me to be a bad witch would mean harming others consciously.

obtaining spells

BABY5692 asks:

    how do u get spells?

    There are several books that have just spells, and most books on witchcraft mention at least a few spells. But mostly you gather them by talking to other witches and sharing (which is different than spell begging — never spell beg). And eventually you learn enough to create your own spells. —Milo

    I recently came across an excellent on-line Book of Shadows while looking for web sites about Diana. —Milo

no spell begging

    If you follow any of the links offered on this web site, no spell begging. Especially no love spell or curse begging.


Alex asks:

    Hello, I only have one question. When you do a spell, how do you know which planet is during a certain month or time???

    If only all questions were this easy to answer. This is what I’ve been spending most of my time working on for the last few months. You will now find a fairly complete chart of the astrological positions of the planets, as well as the witchcraft movements of the moon, on the calendar pages. The astrology part should be finished by the end of this month and I will be starting on the Pagan holy days portion soon. —Milo

eclipse ritual

etalien asks:

    hey i am sorry to bother you but i really need a solar eclipse ritual if you have one please send it to me thank you

    The following answer can be generalized for any kind of ritual.

    It is important that a ritual, especially an eclipse ritual, be personalized to match your individual needs. While it is useful to see what others are doing and consider new ideas, it doesn’t do any good to take someone else’s ritual and just use it yourself. If you will, rituals are kind of like underwear — you don’t want to wear someone else’s.

    The key to this particular eclipse is setting your intentions for the Aquarian Age.

    In a way that is appropriate for you, focus on your intentions. That could be quiet meditation, prayer to your God and/or Goddess, dance, playing music, drawing, sculpting, writing in a journal or book of shadows, burning a colored and/or scented candle, burning incense, writing down your intentions and burning them in a candle flame or ceremonial fire, Tantric sex with someone you love (assuming you are of legal age in your jurisdiction), ritual masturbation, a bubble bath with herbal tea, casting a circle, etc.


moon signs

SnOwDrOp2K asks:

    MM, I am a beginner/practicing wicca. I don’t understand what the moon has to do with the different horoscope signs. Like what is the “moon in taurus” or what is the “moon in scorpio or gemini or cancer” Is it different phases of the moon? B/c I got really confused when Gerina Dunwich, in her book called “the Wicca Spellbook”, was talking about different moons called for different spells or something like that. If you or anyone else can help me in answering this question I would greatly appreciate it alot! Thank you.:) Blessed Be

    Good questions!

    The moon moves through the same astrological signs as the sun does, only a lot faster (about one new sign every two and half days).

    The meaning of the moon in each sign is about the same as the meaning for the sun in each sign, except that the moon activates more on the feeling and emotions level. So, a little study of astrology and the meanings of all 12 signs will help you understand what is going on with the moon.

    In most ancient witchcraft traditions, they kept track of the phase of the moon and the sign of the moon, and matched spells and ritual for when the moon strengthened particular things. For example, Moon in Taurus or Moon in Scorpio are related to sexuality, so sex magick would be emphasized in those two signs.

    The Full Moon and the New Moon are times when the moon is particularly strong, and most witchcraft traditions have special ritual or ceremony on those days. Additionally, there were certain spells that needed to be performed at certain phases of the moon. Usually this means paying attention to whether the moon is waxing or waning, but could also mean a specific point in the phases of the moon (such as first quarter).

    You will find that the calendar pages on Teen Witch list the astrological sign of the moon at noon and midnight, whether the moon is waxing or waning, and exact times and astrological positions of Full Moons and New Moons.


yes/no stones

piper asks:

    What are yes/no stones?

    Yes/no stones are flat stones (two sides), with one side marked “yes” and the other side marked “no” (or any other pair of markings, natural or added, that let you know which side comes up — you can even use a coin and heads or tails). This is a simple form of divination, in which one casts the stone and sees which answer comes up. Although this can work, it usually doesn’t.

    If you are really interested in divination, you might want to learn I Ching, Tarot, or runes. There are many excellent books on these three major forms of divination. Tarot is the one most common among Witches.


undo spell

Jimhuns2 asks:

    me & my friends practice wizardry & ppl make fun of us and i cast a spell on some one now i need an undo spell

    We’ll open this question up for answers from other witches…



Tigerlovingurl88 asks:

    My friends and I formed a group to do witchcraft. We need help figuring out how to convert certain people? Do you have any advice or ideas for my group?

    Witchcraft isn’t an evangelizing religion. Any individual who should be a Witch will know this in his or her heart and won’t need any outside influence.



SnOwDrOp2K asks:

    hi do you have any good recommendations on wicca books for teens? besides “teen witch” by silverravenwolf?

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (Llewellyn’s Practical Magick Series) ; by Scott Cunningham; Llewellyn Publications; Nov 1990; ISBN 0875421180; paperback; 218 pages; $7.96; review: Scott Cunningham simplifies and combines many witchcraft traditions, which doesn’t make purists of any particular tradition happy, but makes things much easier to understand for beginners. This book is a great one for beginners to start out with (Silver Ravenwolf’s To Ride a Silver Broomstick, [listed below] is another excellent beginner book).

To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft; by Silver Ravenwolf; Llewellyn Publications; May 1993; ISBN 087542791X; paperback; 320 pages; $11.96

    You might also check the book listings on the main Teen Witch page and any book listings at the bottom of other pages on the site.

    We now have a beginner’s class based on Scott Cunningham’s “Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner”.



Tiger Lovin Gurl asks:

    Are there any other sites i can go to for information on witchcraft and spells and laws that kind of stuff? (OUTSIDE LINK) has resources for beginners.

    WiccaNet Search (teens) (OUTSIDE LINK)

    If you have an AOL account, there is a scheduled class “Wicca 101” for beginners on Tuesday nights (twice, once for the east coast and once for the west coast) and a “Beginners Chat” on Thursday nights at keyword “Pagan” (The Circle).

    Our web page personal sites has listings of personal Witchcraft related web sites by other teens (and any teen may submit a site for consideration).

    Of course, you can also look around on this web site.


too good for the little guy

[name withheld] comments:

    Oh ok I get it now. You’re such a big popular website that you can’t even give me a real answer to any of my questions! (sarcasm) Well, I can tell you that really stinks! Plus it really lowers my opinion of you and your site. Maybe you should take a step back and find out what you really want from this website. If all you want to do is give tiny non-answers to people who might actually care about the same things as you do then don’t offer advice or answers to questions through your personal e-mail address. It gets peoples’ hopes up to think they might actually get to talk to someone who might actually care about what they think about only to dash them to a bloody pulp over sharp rocks and broken glass when you send a cop out response like that. Thank you if you actually read this all the way through. I think maybe it might have a positive effect on the way you manage your website. Maybe even a little bit of your life.


    I’m not sure what reply you are complaining about. We get dozens of e-mails a day sometimes more than a hundred a day — and we actually open and read every one). But we don’t have time to give detailed help to that many people every day.
    We collect the most frequently asked questions for answers on the web site (on the assumption that questions that get asked a lot are the ones that we should answer first). We also provide a courtesy copy of the answers to anyone who repeats one of the commonly asked questions (especially useful for those cases where we’ve taken the time to come up with an answer but haven’t yet had the chance to put it on the web site).
    We have also started our virtual priesthood program, in which teen volunteers are helping out by taking specialties (a particular God or Goddess) and attempting to provide more personal answers. As the number of virtual priests and priestesses grows, we should be able to distribute the incoming questions over a much larger group, so that people are more likely to get a personal answer.


[name withheld] comments:

    I sincerely appologize for my angry letter. It was late and I was perturbed at the fact that someone I was trying to correspond with didn’t have the time to respond in a fashion that was acceptable to myself. It was selfish to think that someone with an exteremly popular website would have time to respond to ALL of my letters personally. I see now that you hardly have time for all of those seeking guidance, let alone people who are just looking for information. Well I’ll let you get back to your other e-mails. Thank you so much for replying. It showed me that people do have patience for those of us who are angry at them for no apperent reason. Once again thank you and good luck with your site.

final comment:

    Don’t let this little exchange discourage you from sending ine-mail. The only way for us to know if we are on the right path or not is to hear from you all. But please be patient, as we do get a lot of e-mails and we still have to do regular stuff like go to school and go to work and get in some of our own magick. We’ll continue to answer e-mail as best we can, but we can’t provide personal training or detailed responses. Thank you for your patience and keep corresponding.


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