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    Undoing love spells: You can find a spell for reversing love spells at: myrrh or at sage. Using sage costs less and is easier to do, but using myrrh is more reliable.

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    So, you wanna play with love spells? Here is an authentic Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) love spell:

    Put a rose under the pillow of your intended while he or she is asleep.

    Now, the really cool thing about this particular love spell is that it implies an ethical approach to spell-casting.

    Ignoring “Mission-Impossible” style subterfuge, this spell can only be cast on a person who would give you free access to their sleeping quarters while they are asleep. That implies an already existing bond, a level of personal trust. It implies consent.

    Some persons believe in magick. Some don’t. For those who do believe, magick has a real effect on the physical and spiritual realm.

    Many of the same principles of ethics apply equally to both magickal and non-magickal situations.

    Using magick on another person without that person’s expressed consent is akin to practicing surgery without informed consent. No matter how strongly the surgeon considers the surgery to be in the best interests of the patient, the surgeon must have the informed consent of the patient. The surgeon can not force a person to have surgery.

    Similarly, a witch (or anyone else) must have the informed consent of any target of a spell.

    Yes, there are exceptions — cases where obtaining informed consent is not possible, such as a surgeon can perform emergency surgery on an unconscious patient or a parent can grant informed consent on behalf of his or her baby.

    In the case of love spells, casting a love spell on another person without that person’s informed consent is just as wrong as a surgeon kidnapping someone and performing elective surgery.

    So, the above mentioned love spell is an example of ethical use of magick. You ask the person who is the intended target if he or she wants you to perform a love spell on him or her. If the intended target of the spell grants permission, then go for it. With the Goddess’ blessing.

    The Rose amulet is very easy love spell. See rose.

    The love bath is almost as easy and is very relaxing love magick.. See love bath.

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    If you follow any of the links offered on this web site, no spell begging. Especially no love spell or curse begging.

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Lauren asks:

    ok well my name is lauren and i live in Australia, and for the last two years i have become very interested in witch craft. A while ago i cast a spell on a boy that i liked, i think it was called the valentine soup. anyway, i poured this spell on a flower, and as the flower grew this guy started to like me, and he eventually asked me out. we'd been going out for ages, but one day he dumped me. i was totally heartbroken. when i got home i went straight to the flower, and it wasn't there. Mum had cut it and put it in a vase. did our love die because mum cut the flower? i dont know if i am a witch or not. I think i am, most of the people at school are scared of me, they say i look like a witch. Do you think i am a witch?



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