Seven (7) has the primary numerological meanings of awareness and diversity.

    In ancient times, seven and three were considered to be the perfect or complete numbers. This is the reason that there were seven wonders of the ancient world.

    Seven (7) was a deeply religious number because it represents the triumph of spirit (the number three, 3) over matter (the number four, 4). 3 + 4 = 7.

    See the main numerology article for instructions on how to do numerology.

    Jewish Qabalah: The Number Seven is the seventh Sephira, the brilliant ones. The name of the seventh sephira is NTzCh, Netzach, Firmness and Victory. The number seven (7) is representative of the brilliant ones. —Aleister Crowley

    “And such great sanctity is there in the number seven, that it has a preeminent rank beyond all the other numbers in the first decade. For the other numbers, some produce without being produced, others are produced but have no productive power themselves; others again both produce and are produced. But the number seven alone is contemplated in no part. And this proposition we must confirm by demonstration. Now the number one produces all the other numbers in order, being itself produced absolutely by no other; and the number eight is produced by twice four, but itself produces no other nuymber in the decade. Again, four has the rank of both, that is of parents and offspring, for it produces eight when doubled, and it is produced by twice two. But seven alone, as I said before, neither produces nor is produced, on which account other philosophers liken this number to Victory, who has no mother, and to the virgin goddess, whom the fable asserts to have sprung from the head of Jupiter; and the Pythagoreans comare it to the Ruler of all things.” —Philo Judaeus On the Creation of the World

    “Among the things then which are perceptible only by intellect, the number seven is proved to be the only thing free from motion and accident; but among things perceptible by the external senses, it displays a great and comprehensive power, contributing to the improvement of all terrestrial things and affecting even the periodical changes of the moon. And in what manner it does this, we must consider. The number seven when compounded of numbers beginning with the unti, makes eight-and0twenty, a perfect number, and one equalized in its parts.” —Philo Judaeus On the Creation of the World

    Planet: In numerology Neptune vibrates to the number 7. The older association was with the Moon.

    the Heavens of Assiah: 7 is the Sphere of Venus —Aleister Crowley

    According to Jewish mythology, the soldiers of Joshua carried the ark of the covenant seven times around Jericho before committing genocide.

    Hindus conclude their formal marriage ceremonies with the “seven steps”. The bride and groom affirm their consent to the marriage (most marriages were traditionally arranged marriages) by taking seven steps together. The seven steps symbolize energy, vitality, success, happiness, wealth (traditionally measured by livestock), auspicious turning of the seasons, and friendship.

    Etymology: From the Middle English seven from Old English seofon from Indo-European sept.

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