ancient Egyptian
for Ntr

    Summary: Ntr is the acnient Egyptian divine.


    Kemetic name: Ntr, Neter, Netjer, Netcher

ancient Egyptian
for Ntr

    (NOTE: In addition to native variations by locality or over time, there are often several possible transliterations into the Roman alphabet used for English.)

    Ntr is the ancient Egyptian name for the divine. The neteru is the ancient Egyptian name for the ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

    The hieroglyph for Ntr looks like a flag because in the pre-dynastic period roadside shirnes were marked with long pennant flags on a very tall flagpole.

small wooden shrine discovered near Tell-el-Amarna

    Ntr is written in Roman letters as Ntr, Ntr, Neter, Netjer, or Netcher. The underlined t represents the sound tch (or tj).

    The word God is indicated by adding the determinative for male god to the hieroglyph Ntr. The word Goddess is indicated by adding the determinative for female goddess to the hieroglyph Ntr.

    “The word for God and ‘god’ is, from first to last, neter, the original meaning of which is unknown.”—E.A. Wallis Budge, Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection, Vol. I, page 350

holy days

    Day of Mourning: Held on January 3rd.


    The Egyptians were not only renowned for their devotion to religious observances, they were famous as much for the variety as for the number of their gods. Animals, birds, fishes, and reptiles were worshipped by them in all ages, but in addition to these they adored the great powers of nature as well as a large number of beings with which they peopled the heavens, the air, the earth, the sky, the sun, the mon, the stars, and the water. In the earliest times the predynastic Egyptians, in common with every half-savage people, believed that all the various operations of nature were the result of the actions of beings which were for the most part unfriendly to man. The inundation which rose too high and flooded the primitive village, and drowned their cattle, and destroyed their stock of grain,was regarded as the result of the working of an unfriendly and unssen power; and when the river rose just high enough to irrigate the land which had been prepared, they either thought a friendly power, whcih was stronger than that which caused the destroying flood, had kept the hostile power in check, or that the spirit of the river was on that occasion pleased with them. They believed in the existence of spirits of the air, and in spirits of mountain, and stream, and tree, and all these had to be propitiated with gifts, or cajoled and wheedled into bestowing their favour and protection upon their supplicants.
    It is very unfortunate that the animals, and the spirits of natural objects, as well as the powers of nature, were all grouped together by the Egyptians and were described by the word NETERU; which, with considerable inexactness, we are obliged to translate by “gods.” There is no doubt that at a very early period in their predynastic history the Egyptians distinguished between great gods and little gods, just as they did between friendly gods and hostile gods, but either their poverty of expression, or the inflexibility of their language, prevented them from making a distinction apparent in writing, and thus it happens that in dynastic times, when a lofty conception of monotheism prevailed among the priesthood, the scribe found himself obliged to call both God and the lowest beings that were suppoed to possess some attribute of divinity by one and the same name, i.e., NETER. Other nations of antiquity found a way out of the difficulty by grouping all classes of divine beings by one name by inventing series of orders of angels, to each of which they gave names and assigned various duties in connexion with the service of the Deity. Thus in the Kuran (Sura xxxv.) it is said that God maketh the angels His messengers and that they are furnished with two, or three, or four pairs of wings, according to their rank and importance; the archangel Gabriel is said to have been seen by Muhammad the Prophet with six hundred pairs of wings! The duties of the angels, according to the Muhammadans, were of various kinds. Thus nineteen angels are appointed to take charge of hell fire (Sura lxxiv.); eight are set apart to support God’s throne on the Day of Judgment (Sura lxix.); several tear the souls of the wicked from their bodies with violence, and several take the souls of the righteous from their bodies with gentleness and kindness (Sura lxxix.); two angels are ordered to accompany every man on earth, the one to write down his good actions and the other his evil deeds, and these will appear with him at the Day of Judgment, the one to lead him before the Judge, and the other to bear witness either for or against him (Sura l.). Muhammadan theologians declare that they are endowed with life, and speech, and reason; they are incapable of sin, they have no carnal desire, they do not propogate their species, and they are not moved by the passions of wrath and anger; their obedience is absolute. Their meat is the celebrating of the glory of God, their drink is the proclaiming of His holiness, their conversation is the commemorating of God, and their pleasure is His worship. Curiously enough, some are said to have the form of animals. Four of the angels are Archangels, viz. Michael, Gabriel, Azrael, and Israfel, and they possess special powers, and special duties are assigned to them. These four are superior to all the human race, with the exception of the Prophets and Apostles, but the angelic nature is held to be inferior to human nature because all the angels were commanded to worship Adam (Sura ii.). The above and many other characteristics might be cited as proof that the angels of the Muhammadans possess much in common with the inferior gods of the Egyptians, and though many of the conceptions of the Arabs on this point were undoubtedly borrowed from the Hebrews and their writings, a great many must have descended to them from their own early ancestors.

The Gods of the Egyptians Studies in Egyptian Mythology Volume 1, E.A. Wallis Budge, Chapter I: The Gods of Egypt

religious title certificate

    Get a beautiful certificate declaring that you are a priestess, priest, high priestess, high priest, hem ntr, hemet ntr, kher heb, sesh ked, sesh per ankh, scribe, witch, or shaman of Ntr. This is a real religious certificate meeting government standards for conducting marriages and other ceremonies.

    Hem (male) and hemet (female) were the primary ancient Egyptian words for priest and priestess. The generic version was hem ntr or hemet ntr (priest or priestess of the divine). The ntr could be replaced with a specific deity name, such as Hem Ra or Hemet Bast. The web priest (or priestess) was responsible for the purity of the ritual and the cleanliness of sacred rooms, tools, paraphenalia, and priesthood. The kher heb was the priest or priestess who recited the liturgy and magick spells. The sesh per ankh were the learned priesthood (including mathematicians, doctors, and scientists). The sesh ked were the artists of the priesthood.

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