Summary: Skaði is a Norse Goddess or Giantess (jötunn).


    Norse names: Skaði, Skathi, Skade, Skadi

    English names: Snowshoe Goddess

    (NOTE: In addition to native variations by locality or over time, there are often several possible transliterations into the Roman alphabet used for English.)

basic information:

    Skaði: Norse Goddess or Giantess (jötunn).

    Skathi is associated with bow hunting, skiing, winter, and the mountains.

Skathi’s relations:

    Wife of Njorth. The Prose Edda and Heimskringla (both written by Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century) and other works claim that she was married to Njorth as part of ther compensation for the gods having killed her father, Þjazi.

    According to the Heimskringla, Skathi broke up with Njorth and married Odin, having two children by the latter.

    The words Scandinavia and Sweden may refer to this Goddess.


from “The Handbook of Norse Mythology”:
by Karl Mortensen, 1898 (“Nordisk mythologi”), original Danish
translated into English 1913 by A. Clinton Crowell

    7. NJORTH dwells in heaven in Noatun. He governs the course of the wind and calms the sea and fire; to him shall men call, upon the sea and in the chase. He is so rich in land and gods that he can give richly of these to those who ask. He was really born in Vanaheim, but as we have heard before, the Vanir gave him as a hostage to the gods in Asgarth. He was married to Skathi, a daughter of a giant, Thiazzi. Skathi much preferred to live up in Thrymheim, among the mountains, where her father had his farm. Njorth, on the contrary, was most attached to the vicinity of the sea. So they agreed to stay alternately, nine days in Thrymheim and then nine in Noatun; but when Njorth came back from the mountains he said: Odious to me are the mountains, and yet I tarried there not long, only nine nights; and the howling of the wolves methinks is evil compared with the singing of the swans. But Skathi answered about Noatun: I could not sleep on the borders of the shore for the screaming of the birds; every morning the gull wakens me when it comes from the sea. After that she moved up into the mountains and continued to dwell there. She often runs upon snowshoes and shoots deer with her bow, wherefore she is also called the “Snowshoe Goddess.”

Left to right: Njörðr, Skaði, Freyr. From the book The Elder or Poetic Edda; commonly known as Sūmund's Edda. Edited and translated with introduction and notes by Olive Bray. Illustrated by W.G. Collingwood (1908) Page 138, published 1908. The list of illustrations in the front matter of the book gives this one the title The Lovesickness of Frey..

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