Summary: Arianrhod is the “Welsh Lady of Spiral Castle, Mistress of the Silver Wheel of the polar stars, [and] Lady of magic and wonder”, according to Wiccan High Priestess Levannah Morgan.

    Summary: Arrianrhod is the Welsh Mother Goddess and Goddess of fertility.

    The Celtic Goddess Arrianrhod is derived from the Welsh Goddess of the same name.


    Welsh names: Arrianhod, Aranrhod, Arianrhod, Arianrod

    Celtic names: Arrianhod, Arianrhod

    (NOTE: In addition to native variations by locality or over time, there are often several possible transliterations into the Roman alphabet used for English.)

    The name means “silver wheel” or “round wheel”.

    Arian means silver and Rhod means wheel or disc.

basic information:

    Arrianrhod: The Welsh Goddess of the stars that mark the Wheel of Heaven. Some Witches believe she was a Goddess of the Moon.

    Usually depicted as a beautiful woman with pale white skin, thin red lips, and long blonde hair.

way cool information:

    Levannah Morgan, a Wiccan High Priestess based in Devon in the west of England, wrote a way cool 16 page booklet about Arianrhod. She has packed more information on Arianrhod into a very low tech 16 pages than you will find in any professionally printed full size book.

    You can obtain her booklet entitled ARIANRHOD A journey to Spiral Castle from PO Box 314, Exeter, EX4 6YR, England. The booklet costs £3.50. That icnludes the cost of postage to the U.S. Payment must be in international money orders, UK currency, or Euros, because the cost of converting dollars costs more than that entire amount.

    Levannah Morgan replied to the information from JBL (quoted below) about Arianrhod: “I have been a scholar of Welsh Pagan literature for over thirty years and would like to tell you that there is no evidence at all that Arianrhod is/was a Moon Goddess or connected with the Moon in any way. She is the Goddess of the Corona Borealis, the constellation of stars which surrounds the Pole Star in the Northern sky and appears never to set. In Welsh, Caer Arianrhosd, and sometimes also Caer Sidi, is the name of this constellation. This is why She is called Silver Wheel. She is a star Goddess, not a Moon Goddess. In Welsh myth, it is Ceridwen who is associated with the Moon, not Arianrhod. You can check this out in any academic or other work on the Mabinogion. I think it would be a good idea if you could correct this on your site, as it would be a shame if young witches were to get incorrect information about this wonderful Goddess. Hope you don’t mind me pointing this out.”

    Levannah Morgan’s fantastic booklet covers the ancient and modern information that reveals the mythology and role of this ancient Welsh Goddess. If this Goddess interests you, there is no doubt that you will want Levannah Morgan’s booklet.

Arianrhod’s relations:

    Virgin mother of the twin brothers Dylan (child of the sea) and Lleu Llaw Gyffes (hero of light).

    Daughter of Don (Mother Goddess, the Welsh equivalent of Danu) and her consort Bell.

    Her sisters are: Gwenna (Gwen), Maelen, and Elen.

    Her brothers are: Gwydion and Gofannon.

    Queen of Caer Sidi, a magickal realm in the north.

    Arianrhod’s palace was the Caer Arianrhod, which is the Aurora Borealis or the circumpolar stars.

magickal information and correspondences:

    Symbols: silver wheel, the moon, owl, star filled night, Oar Wheel (a special boat that carries dead warriors to Emania, or the Moon Land)

    Sacred candle color: green and white


    Planet: Moon

myths and beliefs:

    Arrianrhod is the Celtic Star Goddess, in charge of the Silver Wheel of the Heavens. The Celts believed that Arianrhod’s throne (caer) was within the Northern Lights (Corona Borealis).

holy days

    January 12: Day of Arianrhod: Welsh Celtic holy day. Day of Arianrhod (Welsh) Goddess of reincarnation, the Wheel of the Year, the full moon, fertility, and female power. Often portrayed as a weaver [of spells], She is linked to lost creation myths. — Celtic information provided by Shelley M. Greer ©1997.

    February 14: Arianrhod steps over the magical wand of Math: Celtic holy day. Arianrhod steps over the magical wand of Math, which manifests truth, to prove her virginity. The wand causes the seed of her lover, which is in her womb, to ripen, grow and give forth in an instant, giving birth to Dylan Ail Ton, whose name means “Sea, son of Wave”. Dylan makes straight for the sea, and is accidentally slain by his uncle Gofannon. Her brother, Gwyddion, snatches up the after-birth to incubate Llew Llaw Gyffes, the great archer. — Celtic information provided by Shelley M. Greer ©1997.

    December 2: Festival of Arianrhod: Welsh holy day. The Goddess descends on a silver chariot to watch the tides.

Picture courtesy of JBL Statues
this reproduction was sold by Sacred Source
JBL Statues is now Sacred Source


    Arianrhod — Celtic Moon-Mother Goddess. Called the Silver Wheel that Descends into the Sea. Like Kali she symbolizes cosmic time, and was also imaged as a vessel which carries the dead. Here she is depicted as Cosmogenitrix, her matron/fertility aspect. Throne-seated, nurturing her children, she wears the ceremonial torc of Queenship. The original of this piece dates from c. 100 AD, just prior to the Romano-Christian invasion of Celtic Europe. —picture and text © 1996 JBL Statues (now called Sacred Source), original text created by Tom Laudeman

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See also: Arrianrhod, Celtic

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    The following are some of the titles of Arianrhod:

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