There are a lot of variations on magick wands, depending on the purpose and the Witchcraft tradition.

    In many European based Witchcraft traditions, the magick wand is a simple unadorned stick of natural wood, often with the bark still intact. The wand is typically six inches to two feet in length and a quarter inch to two inches in diameter, either straight or with bends (one slight bend is the most common). The wand can be cut, but usually it is uncut and kept exactly as it was found laying on the ground in nature. Witches used to break dead branches off of trees.

    In earlier times Witches broke off dead wood, never sawing or cutting live wood. This policy actually helped keep the forests healthy, because insects and other vermin went infect dead branches and then spread into the rest of the tree. In many areas of the world there are now too many people impacting the available trees and it is no longer environmentally sound to harvest dead wood directly from a tree.

    Eileen Holland reports a tradition of cutting wands “from one-year-old trees, in a single stroke, at sunrise on a Wednesday.” Ask for permission from the tree before cutting a wand. Thank the tree for the gift of the wand. Possibly leave a small token of thanks, such as a pebble, ribbon (natural fibers and colors), or feather.

    When picking up sticks for use as a wand, the Witch will pick a natural stick that looks right and feels good when held. A Witch will recognize the right stick because it “feels” right (an inner feeling in your heart).

    When picking up sticks for use as a wand, the Witch will pick a natural stick that looks right and feels good when held. A Witch will recognize the right stick because it “feels” right (an inner feeling in your heart).

    Various kinds of wood are associated with specific kinds of magick and the Witch will find a wand from the right kind of tree for the magick to be performed.

    The most famous of these simple stick wands is the divining rod, used for locating water or lost items. The divining wand will have a fork (two short ends that come together into a longer single length, kind of like a “Y”) and is held loosely by the branched end (one branch in each hand). The wand will slightly twitch or vibrate to give the Witches hints on which direction to look.

    Baculum is a witch’s wand used for divination and fertility rituals. The word baculum is also sometimes used to describe a witch’s broom.

    In high ceremonial magick the wands are very elaborate, typically constructed of metal (or fine wood that has been covered with gold, a process called “gilding”) and encrusted with valuable gems. Magick runes or symbols are carved on the length of the wand and typically there is a valuable gemstone at the tip.

    Many Witches craft a much less expensive ceremonial wand by wrapping a piece of wood (such as a dowel from the local hardware store) with cloth, leather, twine, and other materials. Magick runes or symbols can be burned or carved into the wood or drawn on cloth or leather strips and wrapped onto the wand. Seashells, feathers, crystals, and other items from nature can be tied or glued to the wand.

    With these kinds of homemade wands, the personal expression of the individual Witch is important. Often the choice of items attached to the wand will be based on the Goddess or God the Witch honors (for example, a wand dedicated to Aphrodite might have seashells while a wand dedicated to Diana might have small sterling silver trinkets). The important thing is to trust your heart and create a wand that matches your personality and beliefs.

    A wand shouldn’t be longer than the length from your elbow to your fingertips.

    For some rituals or spells, the wand might have something temporarily attached to it. For example, for a Full Moon ritual, a Witch might write down the goals and desires for the next month on a small piece of paper and then tie or wrap the piece of paper on the wand.

    As in most of Witchcraft, it is important to figure out what works for you personally. Something may be great for everyone else but not work for you, while another thing that nobody else does might be perfect for you. Trust your heart.

    When you finish choosing or making a wand, you will want to dedicate it to magickal work. The ritual should be short and simple: place the tool on the altar, cast a circle, and perform a shrt ritual to consecrate the tool. If you belong to a specific Witchcraft tradition, use the ritual specified by your tradition. If you are an eclectic Witch or still undecided on tradition, make up your own short ceremony, possibly based around a poem you write.

    If you have a permanent altar, you might leave your wand on your altar for 24 hours after your ceremony before making use of your new wand. Any of the Sabbats or New Moon or Full Moon are particularly appropriate times to dedicate a new wand.

    Feel free to submit JPEGs of your personal wand. Indicate the materials, symbols, deity, Witchcraft tradition, or other special information that may help understand your wand.

correspondences of a wand

    Some traditions correspond wands with the element air. Some traditions correspond wands with the element fire. In some traditions, the element is determined by the materials and decorations, including runes and other magick writing.

    The wand is considered to be a phallic tool and therefore of masculine element and male energy. The wand corresponds with the planet Mars.

uses of a wand

    Wands are most commonly used to channel energy. Match the wand’s materials and decorations and magick writings to the kind of energy being channeled.

    Wands may be used to cast a circle. Some Witches use an athame for most circles, reserving wands for casting circles of special significance.

    Wands may be used to invite and control entities.

    Wands may be used for manifestation.

wood used for magick wands

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