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    Clary sage is a plant and an herb. See also sage article.

botanical information:

    Botanical name: Salvia sclarea

    Common name: clary, clary sage, sage

    Use the botanical name when ordering seeds (bulbs, etc.) or when looking up information in the library. Common names vary by nation, culture, and region, and sometimes the same common name is applied to different plants.

    Salvia means safe and is a reference to the ancient healing properties of sage.

    Family: Lamiaceae (mint) or Labiatae (obsolete name for mint family)


    Origin: Europe, east and central Asia

part used:

    Part Used: Leaves and stems.

Information courtesy of Mountain Rose Herbs

astrological correspondences:

    Astrological planet: Jupiter

magickal correspondences and uses:


    Truly unique and unlike any incense we have ever burned! Juniper Ridge incense is made entirely from real leaves, wood, and resins which have been wildharvested from the Pacific Western mountains and deserts. Juniper Ridge brings us back to the sweet aroma of the pacific wild lands, and is the perfect choice for those who are disenchanted with the saccharine sweet, overpowering, and synthetic nature of incense today. Enjoy these 100% pure incense sticks that are powerfully reminiscent of trees, mountains, deserts, and crackling campfires. Packaged in stunning recycled content boxes which have been imprinted with hand-drawn images, and 10% of all profits are donated to groups that defend the western wilderness.
    Choose from six scents:
    Douglas Fir: A cozy wood-smoke scent, reminiscent of campfires.
    Juniper: Subtly sweet, with cinnamon-like undertones.
    Pinon: Has a wonderful smoky “Southwest” aroma.
    Cedar: Distinctively Pacific woods scent, with ginger undertones.
    Sweetgrass: A lovely sweet vanilla-like aroma, and a centering energy.
    White Sage: A rich sage scent, with all the magic of real White Sage leaves.
    Each package contains 40 sticks —.Mountain Rose Herbs

    Clary sage incense is the magick incense certain days, based on planetary influences. You may want to burn clary sage incense these days. You may substitute a similar incense if you don’t have or don’t like clary sage. The clary sage incense magick days for 2009 are: March 16, April 20, May 4, June 29, July 27, September 28, October 5, and December 7.

    Reversing spells: To reverse any spell (including love spells), light a dried sage leaf on fire, then blow out the flame, leaving a burning red ember. Slowly create a large circle in the air with the sage smoke, making the circle three times counter-clockwise. While making each of the three circles, chant to undo the previous spell. You may write your own chant, but it should be short and to the point. You may want to obtain ecologically-safe organic sage from Mountain Rose Herbs.
    If you have the time, you can empower the reversal of your love spell by casting a circle (in either Wiccan or ancient Egyptian style) and lighting a white candle on your altar. Concentrate on the ever changing flickering of the candle flame and let your true intentions flow into the power of the dancing flame. You may want to dress the candle as described in the article on myrhh.

    Jupiter spells: Sage (as an herb) may be used in as an ingredient or substitute for magick spells and formulas related to Jupiter matters (growth, legal matters, luck, meditation, money, prosperity, settling legal matters, and spirituality). Be careful about substitutions for preparations that will be ingested or come in contact with the skin. These substitutions do not apply to medical uses. See the article on Jupiter for a list of herbal substitutes for sage.

Magical Uses
Used in dream pillows to help increase peacefulness and deep dreams.

information courtesy of

    Magickal substitutions: Rosemary usually may be safely substituted for any herb in magick spells and rituals. Roses may safely be substituted for any flower.

essential oil:

    Essential Oil: Clary sage essential oil can be used for both aromatherapy and magick.
    Aromatherapy Uses: anxiety, burnout, depression, exhaustion, fatigue, fear, loneliness, stress

    Using essential oils: Essential oils are just too concentrated and too expensve to use without dilution. If you purchase pure essential oil from a source such as Mountain Rose, you will want to place just a drop or two into a neutral carrier vegetable oil or jojoba. This conservation is typical of the use of essential oils in spells and other magick. It is wise to test a bit of any essential oil on your inner wrist before use. If any irritation occurs, do not use the essential oil. Keep essential oils out of reach of children and pets and away from heat and light. See the article on essential oils for detailed information on how to mix and use essential oils.

cautions and contraindications:

Some herbs may be poisonious under some conditions. Exercise appropriate care.

    Wild gathering: Avoid wild gathering. Some plants are endangered species. Some plants can be toxic just by touch. Even experts can make deadly misidentifications of wild plants. Please grow your own herbs in your own goddess garden (or window boxes).

An updated version of this web page is now available at the new Teen Witch website clary sage.

See also sage article.

See also: herbs.

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