Summary: Ra (Re) is the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) God of the Sun.


    Kemetic names: Ra, Re

    (NOTE: In addition to native variations by locality or over time, there are often several possible transliterations into the Roman alphabet used for English.)

basic information:

    Ra — Deity of the Sun: In the Fifth Dynasty Ra emerges from a minor deity to the primary solar deity of the time and creation occurs when the combined deity of Ra-Sekhmet-Bast splits into three. In some creation myths, Ra creates the universe by masturbating. Ra is shown as a golden man, sometimes with a scarab beetle for a head.

    Another combined deity is Amon-Ra, in which Amon and Ra combine to create a single deity.

Ra’s relations:

    Father of Bast, Sekhmet, Het Heret, Djehuti, Seshat, and Ma’at. Sometimes (especially after the Fifth Dynasty) considered to be the father and/or husband of Aset [Isis].

    In the Egyptian religion both Phoenician/Canaanite Goddesses Anath and Astarte are daughters of Ra.

    Amen-Ra was the deity of the ancient Egyptian Nome of Uast in Upper Egypt. The Capital was Uast (Thebes).

The Gods of the Egyptians Studies in Egyptian Mythology Volume 1, E.A. Wallis Budge, Chapter III: Primitive Gods and Nome-Gods

magickal information and correspondences:

    Sacred candle color: gold (Ra and Amon-Ra), pink (Amon-Ra)


    Planet: Sun

herbs associated with Ra (Re):

myths and beliefs:

    An example from the Leyden Papyrus of Qenna:

    All the neteru are three: Amun, Re, and Ptah, who have no equals. He whose nature [literally “whose name”] is mysterious, being Amun; Ra is the head, Ptah the body. Their cities on earth, established forever are: Thebes, Heliopolis, and Memphis [stable] for eternity. When a message comes from heaven, it is heard at Heliopolis, it is repeated at Memphis to Ptah, and it is made into a letter written in the letters of Thoth [at Hermopolis] for the city of Amun [Thebes].

holy days

    Sunday: Ra is associated with Sunday.

    March: Ra-Nuit is associated with March.

    May 10: “Ra: In Egyptian mythology he created the world. His body & eye are symbols of the rising sun.”—@LadyOceanStar on Twitter


    The followers of Ra, the sun-god, believed in a heaven of a more spiritual character, and their great hope was to occupy a seat in the boat of the god, and, arrayed in light, to travel whithersoever he went. They wished to become bright and shining spirits, and to live upon the celestial meat and drink upon which he lived; as he was so they hoped to be in every respect. The materialistic heaven of Osiris appealed to the masses in Egypt, and the heaven where Ra lived to the priests of Ra and other solar gods, and to the royal and aristocratic families, and to the members of the foreign section of the community who were of Eastern origin.

The Gods of the Egyptians Studies in Egyptian Mythology Volume 1, E.A. Wallis Budge, Preface [NOTE: The belief that lighter skinned Aryans conquered the darker skinned Black Africans and introduced the Egyptian civilization was last seriously proposed by Adolph Hitler and is no longer taken seriously.]

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Prayers and Hymns

Hymn to Ra

    Homage to thee, O thou who art Ra when thou risest, and Temu when thou settest.
    Thou risest, thou risest, thou shinest, thou shinest, thou whoart crowned king of the Neteru.
    Thou art the lord of heaven, thou art the lord of the earth; thou art the creator of those who dwell in the heights and of those who dwell in the depths.
    Thou art the Neter One who didst come into being in the beginning of time.
    Thou didst create the earth, thou didst fashion man, thou didst make the watery abyss of the sky, thou didst form Hapi (the NIle), thou didst create the watery abyss, and thou dost give life unto all that therein is.
    Thou hast knit together the mountains, thou hast made mankind and the beasts of the field to come into being, thou hast made the heavens and the earth.
    Worshipped be thou whom Ma’at embraceth at morn and at eve.
    Thou dost travel across the sky with heart swelling with joy; the Lake of Tests becometh contented thereat.
    The serpent-fiend Nak hath fallen, and his two arms are cut off.
    The Sektet boat receiveth fair winds, and the heart of him that is in the shrine thereof rejoiceth.
    Thou art crowned prince of heaven, and thou art the One dowered [with all attributes] who cometh forth from the sky.
    Ra is he whose word when uttered must come to pass.
    O thou divine Youth, thou heir of everlastingness, thou self-begotten one, thou who didst give thyself birth!
    O thou One, thou mighty [one] of myriad forms and aspects, King of the world, Prince of Annu [Heliopolis], lord of eternity and ruler of everlastingness, the company of the Neteru rejoice when thou risest and when thou sailest across the sky, O thou who art exalted in the Sektet boat.

From the Papyrus of Hunefer, sheet 1.

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